Contrasting and you will Comparing Old Greece and Ancient Rome

Contrasting and you will Comparing Old Greece and Ancient Rome

One another Greece and you will Rome try Mediterranean regions, equivalent enough latitudinally for to expand wine and you may olives. Yet not, the landscapes was basically some some other. The brand new ancient greek language area-states was separated out-of one another by hilly countryside and all of was basically close to the liquid. Rome try Dayton hookup sites inland, similarly of your Tiber River, nevertheless Italic people (on footwear-designed peninsula which is today Italy) did not have the latest natural hilly borders to ensure that they’re out away from Rome.

Inside the Italy, around Naples, Mt. Vesuvius introduced fruitful property because of the blanketing brand new soil which have tephra hence aged towards rich floor. There are including a couple nearby slope range on northern (Alps) and you may east (Apennine).

Greek artwork is much better than the new “merely” imitative or attractive Roman artwork; actually much art we believe out-of since the Greek is basically an excellent Roman content away from a great Greek brand-new. It was realized that the goal of the brand new traditional Greek sculptors were to write an ideal art, while the purpose of Roman music artists was to write sensible portraits, will to possess decor. This will be a glaring oversimplification.

Not absolutely all Roman art copied brand new Greek variations and never most of the Greek artwork looks terribly reasonable or impractical. Much Greek ways decorated utilitarian things, exactly as Roman artwork decorated the newest rooms. Greek artwork try divided into the brand new Mycenaean, geometric, archaic, and you will Hellenistic episodes, as well as the acme regarding the Classical months. Inside Hellenistic period, discover need for copies regarding earlier art, and thus it can also feel described as imitative.

We generally affiliate statues including the Venus de- Milo which have Greece, and you may mosaics and you may frescoes (wall paintings) with Rome. Needless to say, this new masters out-of both societies handled various channels past this type of. Greek ceramic, as an instance, is actually a popular import in the Italy.


The newest discount regarding old cultures, in addition to one another Greece and you will Rome, was based on agriculture. Greeks if at all possible stayed with the short notice-sufficient wheat-generating farms, however, crappy agricultural strategies generated of numerous properties unable to serving by themselves. Huge estates got more, creating wines and coconut oil, that have been along with the head exports of the Romans – not too truth be told, offered the common geographic requirements while the rise in popularity of those two basics.

New Romans, just who imported their wheat and you can annexed provinces which will give him or her using this all-extremely important essential, as well as farmed, but they together with engaged in trade. (It’s thought that brand new Greeks noticed trading degrading.) While the Rome developed into a metropolitan cardio, editors compared the convenience/boorishness/ethical high soil of country’s pastoral/farming life, with the politically recharged, trade-situated lifetime of an area-cardio dweller.

Production was also an urban job. One another Greece and Rome has worked mines. When you are Greece plus got enslaved individuals, the new cost savings regarding Rome is actually determined by labor out of enslaved somebody from the extension up until the late Empire. Each other societies had coinage. Rome debased its money to fund brand new Empire.

Societal Group

New social classes out-of Greece and you can Rome changed throughout the years, however the first departments out-of very early Athens and Rome consisted of 100 % free and you can freedmen, enslaved someone, people from other countries, and you will women. Only some ones communities have been measured as people.

  • Enslaved some one
  • Freedmen
  • Metics
  • Residents
  • Female
  • Enslaved some body
  • Freedmen
  • Plebeians
  • Patricians

Role of females

For the Athens, depending on the literature out-of stereotypes, girls was indeed cherished to own abstaining regarding gossip, to have managing the family, and you can, above all else, to possess promoting genuine pupils. The brand new aristocratic woman is secluded on the women’s quarter together with are then followed publicly. She you may own, however sell their assets. The fresh new Athenian woman are susceptible to the girl father, and even shortly after relationships, he may request this lady go back.

The fresh Athenian woman wasn’t a citizen. The new Roman lady try legitimately subject to the paterfamilias, whether the dominating male inside her home of delivery or the household regarding the lady partner. She you can expect to individual and dispose of property and you can begin as the she wished. Out of epigraphy, we read one a good Roman woman was respected having piety, modesty, repairs of harmony, and being a single-man woman. The new Roman woman could be a great Roman citizen.

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