In The Heights Original Broadway Cast

That is the biggest inspiration about the play, you realize, is creating that sense of family. So that there is something at stake. “It’s enormous fun to put in writing in two languages. It’s enormous fun to write down songs the place we rhyme Spanish with English. Below is a Spotify playlist of the original solid recording, together with the songs talked about above. Get a taste of the music of In the Heights by listening earlier than you come to see the Playhouse manufacturing, or enjoy the music after you witness it reside onstage.

▲ to cite, refer toEn mi artículo cité muchas veces su libro.In my article, I referred to your e-book an excellent deal. Celebrar to rejoice, commemorateCelebraron su cumpleaños en una gran fiesta.They celebrated his birthday with a big get together. ▲ to praise, applaud, approveTodos celebran sus éxitos.They all applauded his success. ▲ to be glad, rejoiceCelebro mucho verle a Ud. Cambio change¿Ha habido algún cambio de política? Has there been any change in policy?

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▲ clumpEn lo alto había un grupo de árboles.At the highest there was a clump of trees. Género clothEse sastre usa siempre muy buenos géneros.That tailor at all times makes use of very good material. ▲ kind¿Qué género de trabajo le gusta? ° género masculino, género femenino masculine gender, feminine gender. || Sin ningún género de duda.Without any doubt.

° tener prisa to be in a hurryTenía tanta prisa que se olvidó el sombrero.He was in such a rush that he forgot his hat. Presencia presenceSerá muy de agradecer su presencia en ese acto.Your presence at that perform shall be greatly appreciated. ▲ appearanceTiene muy buena presencia.He has an excellent appearance. ° en presencia de in front of, within the presence ofLo dijo en presencia de todos.He mentioned it in entrance of all people. ° presencia de ánimo presence of mindSu presencia de ánimo nos evitó el peligro.His presence of mind saved us from hazard. Porqué reasonNo ha explicado el porqué de su ausencia.He hasn’t explained the rationale for his absence.

She’s the only one who would not have a said sueñito because she by no means got to dream, “I’ve spent my life inheriting dreams from you”. She was so targeted on attaining the dream of her mother, just making it in the US. The film’s trailer has the line “This is gonna be an emotional roller-coaster” played over Abuela Claudia’s candlelight vigil, then Usnavi and Sonny hugging one another. Jon M. Chu directed the adaptation, and Anthony Ramos stars as Usnavi; Lin-Manuel Miranda and Olga Merediz respectively painting Piragua Guy and Abuela Claudia. Usnavi stays in Washington Heights because his love for the community overpowers his nostalgia for the past. … However, Usnavi’s simple reference to Vanessa during In the Heights permits him to see the bigger picture, particularly a life within the barrio together with his potential spouse.

▲ to amountEl gasto llegó a doce pesos.The price amounted to 12 pesos. ° llegar a to succeed inNo llegó a oír lo que decíamos.He didn’t achieve listening to what we have been saying. ° llegar a ser to get to beEra muy joven cuando llegó a ser coronel.He was very younger when he became a colonel. ° llegar a suceder to return to cross, happenSi eso llega a suceder me alegraré mucho.If that occurs I’ll be very glad.

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