Seven sooner disables the brand new bomb, however, Zen is also even more concerned that the intruder commonly strategy the player

Seven sooner disables the brand new bomb, however, Zen is also even more concerned that the intruder commonly strategy the player

The guy rapidly rushes over to Seven’s lay despite orders and you may requires he gives your this new address. From the dusk, Unknown sneaks into the Rika’s apartment to prevent motion and heat detectors from the breaking the screen. Just before he can take away the user, Zen enters the brand new flat into password into secure. Unknown first believes your becoming Eight, but when experienced, he threatens Zen having a switch that detonate brand new bomb throughout the apartment in the event the activated. MC vacations away from Unknown.

Zen as well as the player refrain, taking shelter from inside the Zen’s family. Once the member calms off from the situations, Zen signifies that it live with her from now on, since it is unsafe on her behalf to keep someplace else. When you find yourself Jaehee agrees and you can approves of their relationship, Jumin try unwilling, as he thinks you to a couple unmarried couples shouldn’t real time together with her. Regardless of, because RFA prepares on team, Yoosung indicates that he’s discover a witness that will establish Zen’s innocence: owner of goldfish cash.


With regards to the MC’s actions and in case they usually have managed to admission all the video game part so far, this new team will need place on the brand new 11th day’s Zen’s channel, in which he’s going to manage to in the end do so up against the claims generated against him (look for Zen/Endings for more info).


Yoosung is an excellent buddy out of Zen, as well as the two express a beneficial brotherly thread with each other and Zen tries to assist and cover Yoosung because the best as he can; it usually reported that Yoosung are envious from Zen’s good looks. Zen acts as the top cousin towards Yoosung, commonly trying to increase the younger son of the scolding him on the quitting gaming (which includes greatly hindered their studies) with the intention that they can appeal better towards the his degree and effort to give suggestions in order to Yoosung for you to search and you will act best with the intention that he may be capable of geting a partner. Zen cannot tease Yoosung as frequently because the most other players, such as 707, and generally seems to proper care much in the Yoosung, actually perception because if he must look after your, such as during 707’s channel whenever Yoosung decides to head to Zen’s house and locate morale as a result of the high tensions in the RFA; the 2 best free hookup sites end up getting drunk, Yoosung moreso than just Zen, and you will Zen looks like handling and you will taking good care of an inebriated Yoosung.

During the V’s channel, Zen also offers Yoosung to remain that have your and make your feel safe immediately after stress expand bad from the RFA thanks to the hacker also to V’s behavior, and he takes on new role regarding mother hen as he attempts to assist Yoosung having restaurants stronger and rating him to go powering which have your; Zen gets tight since the Yoosung will get psychological after the facts regarding V and Rika’s relationships are found and you can eliminates Yoosung’s cellular phone to assist your calm down. Even after how enraged Yoosung appears regarding the Zen’s attempt to help and you may manage your, the guy recognises the latest old man’s a intensions which can be pleased one Zen wants to watch out for him.

Into the Yoosung’s station, Zen was supportive of your own MC and Yoosung’s easily built dating, albeit is actually cautious at the how quickly the two is moving however, isn’t as crucial of these two as much as the latest others are, and you can many times requires this new MC to look after Yoosung and aims supply matchmaking advice into the a couple.

Zen and you may 707 is actually friends. Zen tend to encourages 707 to eat correct dishes getting their wellness, in the place of their typical eating plan regarding unhealthy foods. Zen means your because the an insane man that has outstanding talent within the hacking, however, he will not appreciate this 707 adores cats much. Zen understands that 707 actually a detrimental people, 707 protects Zen into the Yoosung’s station when he goes to remain having your to find out-of his stalker. 707 has somewhat aided Zen’s career because of the hacking towards Youtube and you can to make certainly one of Zen’s videos wade viral, including creating a great ‘Tripter bot’ in order to on a regular basis tweet Zen’s selfies.

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